Cameo Appearance


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I know, I know… it’s been ages.  AND, you’re right!  I’d like to say I’m back… Correction, I would LOVE to say I’m back.  Alas, we are still up to our necks in boxes and baby rearing and general life adjustment in a new city.  The last “new” thing I’ve cooked was 16 bean soup from the soup package.  I’d never made this soup and thought it came out pretty good.  Of course, that being said, next time I think I’ll sauté some onions with carrots and celery rather than just throwing the onions in with the soup.  That COC (Carrots, Onion, Celery) idea is because of Top Chef… This post was actually because I have just discovered this:  5 walking tours through 5 different neighborhoods?  Yes, please!  Sign me up!  Who’s with me?