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A French Bistro in Reno?  Really?  In a casino?  Nope.  Stand alone, cute, bistro.  Admittedly, the interior could use a little updating.  While there on Saturday night, I kept wondering what Robert Irvine’s decorating staff could do with the interior.  The important part however, was the food.  For my appetizer I was torn between the escargot and the fois gras.  Knowing that I was probably going to have fois gras in less than a week, I decided to go with the escargot.  It was delicious even though it wasn’t served in a cute little escargot pan.  Talk about full of all of the butter and garlic (or is it garlic and butter) that you would expect and want, it was a perfect starter.  Had I not been driving afterwards, I would have had some champagne to accompany it.  Sadly, it was one delicious glass of St. Emilion throughout the entire meal.  For my main, of course I went with the cassoulet with duck confit.  Was it authentic French cassoulet?  Maybe… Maybe not…  I’ve had it in so many ways that I’m not sure what “authentic” is anymore.  I will say that it was as good as any that I’ve found in France.

I mean, just look at all of that scrumptiousness!  It was the type of good that when I go back (which I will) I will probably be forced to get the cassoulet again and again.  Unless they’re out of it which is what happened to my Uncle.  He only wanted two things on the menu – either the roast chicken or the lamb… and they were out of both.  All was not lost, he found tons to eat between my dish and my Aunt’s baked phyllo with vegetables.  Even if they are out of cassoulet when I go again, I’ll still consider the Coq au Vin, Beef Bourguignon, or the Rabbit Dijon Mustard.

We skipped dessert but I won’t next time, even if I can only eat a bite.  If you’re ever in Reno and looking for a romantic dinner spot (or you come visit me and want more than what Fallon has to offer), this should be high on your list.  Maybe this will even kick off a Reno restaurant review category… after I finish my Fallon reviews… of course…

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